First Civilian Flight From Kabul Since US Exit Lands in Doha


The first time since the us military withdrawal from afghanistan the taliban allowed a plane carrying americans and others to leave kabul that plane landing and cutter just a short time ago while others are trying to cross my land in neighboring pakistan. Nbc's mollie hunter. Is there tonight. The first international flight taking off from the taliban run kabul airport. Tonight americans on board a us facilitated evacuation plane to doha cutter the first since. Us troops left and a far cry from the chaotic runway scenes. Two weeks ago the state department said they invited more than thirty american citizens and permanent residents but not everyone took up the offer. There will be more flights but the nfc says due to an ongoing terror threat. No details in advance on board one hundred thirteen people and alongside americans canadians brits ukrainians and germans. Nbc's raff sanchez. Was there. This is it. After a perilous journey that started in kabul through an airport controlled by the taliban. These passengers are coming down the steps here in doha. Finally to safety and security but for those so desperate in the last two weeks overland has been the only way out we headed up pakistan's khyber pass to the torkham border-crossing with afghanistan. This new taliban guard we spoke with says pakistan isn't letting all these people through there are people waiting who can't get over. Okay okay so the pakistani military's having moved back but sisters mersal and manisha mayday if you had stayed under taliban rule what would that have been like the big problem school. Not as they're headed to ottawa soon to be canada's newest refugees now if international flights really are starting back again that's potentially very good news for the tens of thousands of vulnerable afghans left behind.

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