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Game is canceled this week, so It's kind of taking us back to last year a little bit, but hopefully we're able to just continue to season in a normal way. Trying versus Bishop Foley coming up later tonight. We'll get some keys for the game. When we return. I hope you stick with us. This should be a fun Catholic League matchup. We'll be right back. Rule changes will affect a couple of them. Just say tournaments this fall. Plus one coach in Adrian is thankful to still be on the sidelines. I'm John Ross, and this is this week in high school sports. The first fall championships will start later this month with the U P Girls Tennis finals on September 29th at Kingsford. A new rule will change things for the tennis tournament, starting at the regional level beginning this year. If they seeded player withdraws on the day of an MHS, a regional or final, all seated players below the withdrawing player will move up. And be placed on the proper line for that new seed, and that includes the provisional seat in that flight. Non seeded players will not be moved up in cross country, a rule change will allow for more individual finals qualifiers in past years, the top 15 individuals at a regional qualified for the finals. But many of those runners were already qualified based on their team advancing to the finals. Now, a minimum of seven individuals from teams not advancing to the finals will qualify, even if they finish outside of the top 15. And in lower Peninsula Girls. Golf teams are now required to use the I wanna make her scoring platform for the regular season they've been using. I want to make her for tournament competition, as it allows for golfers, coaches and fans to follow scoring in real time game balls this week. Go to North Muskegon is Brandon Winter Winter tallied two goals and an assist, helping lead the Norsemen to a 52 victory over Forest Hills. Northern North Muskegon is now four and four on the season. Traverse City West Angela Hewitt, Hewitt took medalists honor at the Titan Invitational at interlocking by shooting 79. Her score helped TC West to a second place team finish. As they were just one stroke back of Montague, the defending division for Lower Peninsula Girls golf champions. And two is spinning Westwood, Zack Carlson. In a 28 Nothing victory over Iron Mountain. Carlson had 204 yards rushing and three TDs, including a 73 yard score. Carlson now has nine touchdowns already this season. Everyone in sports is in search of the elusive, perfect game, making every shot completing

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