A highlight from #439 Wrecks In Effects with John Hastings


I remember in the backseat sort of like relaxing. And then. I hear like took up and literally. The front tire is now bouncing on the other side. The whole fuck entire whole tire flies off the road and it was like the most like what just happened. I remember we called into the camp and they were like you know in those situations where it's like. Everything's so like harrowing people fix it. And i just remember it'd be like don't forget to bring the tire and it's like yeah. We got the tire bro. Like don't worry she doc status up guys are her live from bucket. Rv park outside dollywood tennessee gatlinburg. That is how much time. Gotta get into the fucking park to it. Today i was supposed to be at bonnaroo and shit went haywire. Because it's fucking. This was supposed to be day one sunny and warm beautiful cancelled It's another story next week. I'll tell you the whole story. Because i'm still figuring out my plans that they have found a little mini festival. There's one thing severe does roll with the punches. Snow thing is never has been punched. That's why acts that what that guy needs get punched and he wouldn't act that way and maybe right. Today's episode john hastings on a buddy of mine from the edinburgh comedy festival. He's not scottish. she's canadian living uk for awhile and we just talked about car accidents. His new album out Float like a butterfly. John hastings like a b. Who's our edinburgh. That i saw saw him do was great. It's really funny So go on spotify right now. drew float like a butterfly. John hastings the in edinburgh. We talked about in a second. You have to get off. How can weird funky title. Mine was I had one year. I just every Show just added another kind of like what. I'm doing my tour posters right now Another name of my show that you're Your fear but shapiro himself I forgot all of them. It's hard to say. I'm sorry John you can find them. Utsa podcast and his own podcast wrestling. Podcast that i have here hold on. It's called

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