A highlight from Biden tells Republicans to get out of the way raising debt limit.


Pandemics biden tells republicans to get out of the way raising the debt limit. Facebook whatsapp and instagram suffo- worldwide outages and unisem says children need mental health help through pandemic. It's tuesday october five. I'm anthony davis. Joe biden on monday urged republican senators to get out of way and let democrats suspend the nation's debt limit hoping to get the us government from bumping dangerously close to a credit default a senate republican leader mitch. Mcconnell refuses to lend his parties help despite the debt growing exponentially under former republican. president trump. biden's criticism came with congress facing an october eighteen deadline to allow for more borrowing to keep the government operating after having accrued a total public debt of twenty eight point four trillion dollars. The house has passed. A measure to suspend the debt limit but mcconnell is forcing senate democrats into a cumbersome process that could drag on and approach the deadline with little margin for era both biden and mcconnell have promised that the country will avoid default. The public fight political posturing risks and economic meltdown. The global economy relies on the stability of us treasury notes. Unpaid debt could crush financial markets. And hell america into recession by noted that the debt limit applies to borrowing that has already occurred in previous years and said republicans are hurting the country by blocking the limit suspension. Once a routine vote the needs to raise. The nation's debt limit has become increasingly partisan and theatrical it became a favourite political weapon of republicans to either demand concessions or forced democrats into unpopular votes to enable more borrowing a massive global outage plunged facebook. It's instagram and whatsapp platforms and many people who rely heavily on those services into chaos on monday was gradually dissipating by early this morning. Facebook said late monday that it's been working to restore access to its services and is happy to report. They're coming back online now and thanked. Its uses for bearing with it but fixing. It wasn't as simple as flipping a switch. Facebook did not say what might have caused the outage which began around eleven. Forty am eastern time and was still not fixed. More than six hours later. Facebook was already in the throes of a separate major crisis. After whistle blow a francis hogan a former facebook product manager provided the wall street journal with internal documents that expose the company's awareness of harms caused by its products and decisions who it also anonymously found complaints with federal law enforcement. Alleging facebook's own research shows how it magnifies hate and misinformation and leads to increased polarization. It also showed that the company was aware that instagram can harm teenage girls mental health. The general stories called the facebook files painted a picture of a company focused on growth and its own interests over the public. Good facebook has tried to play down the impact. There was no evidence as of monday afternoon. That militias activity was involved. But the impact was significant for facebook's nearly three billion uses showing just how much the world has come to rely on it and its properties to run businesses connect with online communities log onto multiple other websites and even order food governments around. The world was pour more money and resources into preserving the mental wellbeing of children and adolescents. The un's child protection agency urged in a report today that sounded alarms about blows to mental health from the covert nineteen pandemic that hit poor and vulnerable children particularly hard. The united nations children's fund said it state of the world's children's study is its most comprehensive. Look so far. This century the mental health of children and adolescence globally the corona virus crisis forcing school closures. That upended the lives of children as thrust the issue of their mental wellbeing into the four unicef said it may take years to fully measure the extent of the

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