'Socialism' Is Making People Dependent on Government


That was funny It was just checking social media and people You don't know what socialism is Let AOC describe it for you Not too complicated when you redistribute wealth and you get people in government programs that's ultimately paid for by the people who earned The redistributive properties tend to be central at the forefront and also introduce you to by being here in South Florida where I'm surrounded by a bunch of immigrants who have lived through socialism And they'll be happy to tell you each and every day How what the human fund The human infrastructure did the human fund George Costanza's Ponzi scheme Money for people Be happy to tell you How that represents socialism And that's the bigger point here by the way about that entire deal Brian mud in for the great one Mark Levin The bigger point here isn't about the cost because that's what made up anyway The numbers are so much BS three and a half trillion Well even the conservative estimates say this thing shoots over 5 trillion but the bigger point isn't even the number because we know that any time you start government programs do they ever operate according to the costs that they said they were going to originally You know you'd have to be stuck on stupid to believe the numbers anyway They always ever run by usually three times But the bigger point isn't even the Weimar Republic style money for me they want to do in this country to account for all this nonsense It's to get as many people depended on the government as possible It is absolutely socialism

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