How to Attract, Develop, and Retain Top Nonprofit Talent


Great to have you and thank you so much for all the work. you do. Thanks so much for having me here. I'm a huge fan of your leadership in this field john. Well thank you The feeling is mutual so galley. Clearly you get the challenge in the sector and this is what your organization is about. Why don't you tell folks a little bit about leading edge and its origin story. And i'm also curious about the thinking about your organization being focused specifically on jewish organizations. Sure let me take this in two parts. The first is genesis origin story. So it was a dark and stormy night noticed. it was Twenty thirteen Toward the end in two thousand thirteen when an informal group of ceo's of foundations and major jewish organizations have been meeting informally for some time and The purpose of these meetings was talking about some of the major issues of major challenges facing the community in thinking about collaborative approach or shared warnings. Those types of almost like informal networking kind of conversations and at that time in sort of building up to that time the conversation was all about the leadership pipeline right. There were a lot of folks in those rooms. A lot of leaders who admitted. I'm not sure he's taking over for me when i retire in. Fill in the blank years and joan. You've talked about this gap and so in two thousand thirteen. Just like in the general nonprofit non see jared say general society jewish nonprofit sector was talking about a turnover in the c. suite of seventy five percents ninety percent by some estimates and fuelled by generational. You know what the demographics and and so this group of of really investors in the jewish ecosystem understood that there was essentially exposure to our organizations because we know that the marker of a great organization starts with a leader that that transition was going to be precarious so they wanted to do something about it and what

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