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Men Who Matter


Welcome back everybody to the grip while men who met her podcast another week another episode. And i'm here with my man. The one the only stevo stevo. I hadn't been called stevo in wild. They used to accommodating in college. I think it was back in the day. Were stevo off of that. That one that one show that show. We can't say the name of yeah. They did all those crazy tricks. I don't remember the name of the show but was kind of popular but what's up everybody. Look i'm excited to be here. My eyes are burning. I believe they're red and i am in. It's not because i'm all jacked up on. Caffeine is because my kids don't know how to sleep if y'all are listening yanni to start sleeping more night man. I come off a night. I think every kid i have which have five of them. If you guys don't know got up out of bed woke me up over and over. And i finally said at one point. I'm done i'm out of here. I'm going to the couch but it was a long night as a burning. But i'm excited to be here today and i know i say that every week so you guys should probably get the hint that i love doing this. I'm so grateful that we get to do this again. Be that we get to hopefully encourage you guys to just go be men who matter in this world in the world around you and so as we dive in today. I just want you to know on the front end. Go into what we talk about today on the front end that you are a man who matters. Here's my question. When's the last time you did something for the first time new stole milan. There be i said okay. That's exactly right. I love it. I love this thought. I got challenged with this bama wife just this past week and she thought she was going to get me but i got her back because i actually done a few things this year for the first time in my life and so it wasn't very long ago that i did something for the first time but look. This is what we want you guys to really chew on today. And we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna appeal it back we're gonna we're gonna layer this in back but i want you to think about this as we're talking and just gabbing. Along i win is the last time you did something for the first time thing about it. When's the last time in your life. You did something for the first time in your life. It's pretty profound. I you know scratching my head over here trying to trying to figure that out. I mean the reality. Is i think in the last year since we kinda lost into this journey. You and i've done a lot of things for the first time this podcast being one of them. Yeah absolutely i was able to kinda rattle some stuff off to my wife. I was like you know. I started a podcast in january and that was the first time and then i took my son trout fishing en me trout fishing for the first time in spring. Break and then I recently done something in in june. I was like the first time i've ever done that and I think she was trying to get me. Because i think she was trying to motivate me to you know be more adventurous in my life and probably because she wants me to take her own more adventurous trips just to be honest but but as whatever her motives were it really was a profound statement in my life and he got me thinking about. How do i put myself in that position all the time. Because if you think about that statement if you if you if you put that statement in the forefront of your thoughts many really could move the needle for you and your life and and what i mean by that and and really the way i wanna pull this back is because one of the things that really means a lot to me in my pursuit of helping men and really getting out of my own struggles in my own ditch that i was in for a long time. You know. there's a word that's dead. I'm very passionate about. And i'm passionate about it in the context of eliminating it From my life and from his many people's lives as possible and that word is apathy. And i know that sounds like a fancy word and i think the last time i said something to someone. What does that word even mean you know and so i get it but apathy is is basically. It's it's the state of just is to state of of emotionless emotionless. Nece if that said that right you know. The the lack of motivation. Lack of passion In your life the lack of concern in your life and and we're often find ourselves

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