Olympian Maria Magdalena Andrejczyk Auctions Medal to Pay for Infant's Surgery

Mind Pump


So polish javelin thrower maria. I can't even say this last name andrew something like that. There's never remain valid in this last name but she got a silver medal at the tokyo olympics. Okay she sold. It auctioned off for one hundred twenty five thousand dollars. Wow to pay for an infant's heart surgery so she sold herself so that an infant could get life saving heart surgery. They can get that much for those. Oh yeah i just played it. They like real silver and gold like all the way through. That's a good question. I think so in who buys one like a like a trophy parent. Participation work parent didn't they. I mean obviously the rare so many medals that you're going to get its official medal. I mean if it makes sense. If it's actually gold all the way through it you can melted down and sell at one day if you too so it makes sense to do it. I mean that's like an investment right so you can have. You'd have cool medal. you could say you had. Maybe your favorite swimmer runners some shit and also you. Can you say scratch out the name. You know detroit hurt. Doug pulled up right now. Well okay so it says. Oh the last time. The olympic medals were solid gold. Were in the nineteen twelve summer olympics. So now just played it will. Now they're required to be made from at least ninety two percent silver and contain a minimum of six grams of gold.

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