It's Hilarious That Rachel Maddow Suddenly Cares About Free Speech


One piece of irony though I have seen about this You remember Russia Rachel maddow MSNBC host She spent three years of our lives lying to everyone about this fake collusion hoax and she's very smart She's a Rhodes scholar I believe She knew she was lying and she lied anyway on the air She told this Russian collusion fairytale over three years She had to know she was lying She's not stupid because the alternative is that she was dumb and fell for this first grade level hoax that any idiot and some young kid could have figured out But Rachel maddow ironically was complaining on her Twitter account I find this to be ironic and kind of hilarious She's complaining to Google because Google it's alleged that according to a New York Times story that Google did Vladimir Putin's bidding and blocked anti Kremlin content as voting in Russia and their national elections started up So Rachel maddow is all upset about that You know Google interfering in free speech which is tragically hilarious because it was Rachel maddow and others who were pushing the collusion hoax while her leftist buddies she adores were pushing censorship on conservatives like me and elsewhere who warned people like Rachel maddow for years that she was propagating a hoax And she didn't have now all of a sudden She's into free speech when it's Russia That is hilarious Hilarious that she's all of a sudden a warrior The Joan of Arc of free speech That's a good

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