White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy - burst 5


Is this not the first time really. Any white house has taken on. We've talked about climate change but to take on heat specifically. This is the first time this has happened right. Yeah because we're seeing a record heat levels across the country. And i think you know you mentioned climate denial. Denial is waning because people are beginning to see what's happening in their own communities in in their own lives but what we need to ramp up is the great ideas on how to address this. We're not going to go back to the preheat days. Climate change is one of those issues. Where once exchange this change so we have to ramp up and really. That's what the president's bill back better agenda really is it's about investing in ourselves again in our communities to keep people safe in healthy so it's not just about investing in heat stress but it it's investing in how we manage afar is better so that they don't light on fire. It's about getting people. The kind of services they need workers to have good paying jobs in protections that the unions provide so you have to have those water breaks. You have to have an ability to have heat stress temperatures out of the in rulemaking so that we can go out in enforce those rules you have to have an ability to actually build back our communities in ways where people can get cleaned transit. They can access yet opportunities for electric vehicle infrastructures which is going to be the path of the future. The resilience plan that this president wants is all about not just building like we used to knowing that the world's changed but looking at how the world's changed in building to those standards relentlessly we know. Un is opening wasim. Biden is talking about global initiatives around cove. And everything else is. Is this heat challenge. Is this something that he's also discussing. Globally with other countries as well he absolutely is because we want to set the standard. That's one of the reasons why we wanted this commitment to come out this week. Is that some Some challenges on climate. We need people that understand. I within their reach to address. We want everybody active. And not thinking. This is such a big planetary problem. It requires all these smart people to gather in new york city one one week year. This is all about how we live. Allies how we invest in our country. These are not sacrifices. These truly investments in our health and wellbeing as well as the security in the future for our kids and so we be afraid to talk about the problems we should be afraid not to because then we won't be moving forward with the kind of initiatives that we all wanna see so. I'm looking forward to the work. Going on in congress getting that wrapped up and running forward and we want to show the rest of the world that the us is back that prior administration is no longer in power right now. We want to give the power to the people that we serve. because that's who president by knows. He works for gina. Mccarthy folks is the

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