Hungary: Statue Honoring Mysterious Bitcoin Founder Unveiled


A statue was unveiled in Budapest of the mysterious founder of bit coin we are all so does she Santoshi Nakamoto is the name with which in two thousand nine some one published in so called white paper the documentation of beats going hundreds G. or P. is a bit coin journalist and the initiator of the project he curated mixed with going he created the blockchain technology he is the god of our market corrected in a business park near the Danube river in Budapest the featureless space of the bust wrapped in a bronze hoodie emblazoned with the bitcoin logo is heavily Polish to make it reflective like a mirror so people can see themselves it does not matter who said that she was it doesn't matter if it's male female white black whatever the idea behind bitcoin is important not to motor was a pseudonym which could refer to a person or group of people of unknown gender age or national origin I'm a Donahue

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