New Rick and Morty Anime Short Revealed


Have a brand new short that is available for your Gluing pleasure. Louise ewing and you're willing pleasure. You can you. Can you can check this out over on youtube. This is called summer. Meets god parentheses. Rick meets evil and I i have some friends. I have some. I mean. i don't know if their i have. I have people that. I know who are The big anime fans brandon. I don't know if you knew that tae. They enjoy the the anime culture and they were a little. Let down by this recent episode of rick. And morty 'cause because of the title they thought oh it's going to be way more animated than it was well fear. Not if you're if you're a great big anime fan then go check out. Go out this this episode. This the short it's We have the link in the show notes but yeah this is This is way more animated version of rick. And morty. it's not even in

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