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On the mental health comedy podcast a classic conversation. We had with howie mandel. It looks like a drive through at the same time as he's doing this Well that's true. I actually pulled on lady the new at this point on for today it been the same since radio shack. I don't think there's anybody alive in a human race that some point in their life is not going to need a coping skill. you don't have to have ocd. You just have to be human good morning good afternoon. Good evening and welcome my friends. The show that never ends. It's the mental health comedy. Podcast with ed crasnick jennifer kalari jennifer coming up shortly. This is the show where we talk about mental health and we practice skills. We never do nothing. Nice sneezy we always do it nice and rough and it's very similar to the song proud mary and that's how we do it right here. Now on today's show we're going to talk a little bit about emotional regulation and we're gonna talk about a really unique way of practicing that actually practicing it while watching your favorite shows and movies now. I laugh at that but it's actually really cool and that's coming up. We're going to talk with jennifer about that and we always like to have We like to welcome people. No matter what emotional state in here are emotional shoutouts if you think the delta variant is a college fraternity welcome if you're planning to exercise but wait until tomorrow when it will be more convenient. Welcome if you didn't know how to use audible and ended up with three books on death and dying welcome zanex in a pez dispenser to attend a pool party. Welcome if you have no reaction to any right at a theme park because you've been screaming inside for two years. Welcome if you actually believe that you can win an ipad by filling out a survey welcome and if you beating yourself up even now there's always a place for you right here on the mental health. Tiny podcast now. Here are some statistics By the mental health comedy data team the data. Team it's our analytics group. Ninety percent of all people spend ninety eight point six percent of their lives thinking about the past and worrying about the future. Five percent are in denial and the other five percent believe that. The real housewives are real housewives. Today's show is brought to you by thera- tour thera- tour is the new guided mental vacation. App ferriter helps you get away from it all while staying right where you are. These are short one to five minute mental vacations that you take visually or audio. Only you have other voices that guide you about wonderful people places and things that you can go to in the moment or you can program your own voice and thera- tour provides playful distractions so you can learn to let it all go when distracting thoughts entered the picture. You're on a beautiful sandy beach looking into a beautiful ocean soaking in the sun and the sea. And there's a guy who looks just like your landlord and you owe him money not now though because now you're on a sandy beach. Happy and breezy. No man or woman is an island but you can go to one any time with their tour. Two quick things one is. I don't know about you but the thing that always sorta gets in my way and causes me. A lot of frustration is when. I'm thinking about the future or living in the past and i do that a lot especially when i'm stressed out about something. I find that my thoughts snowball about what. I don't wanna have happened in the future. Horror horror thoughts like a harm movie like a movie trailer and then thinking about the past and things didn't work out. So i i realized that what's really bothering me is that i'm thinking about the future of the past not the situation itself which is rarely rarely matches up with the horrors that i think in my head. The other thing is that we feel we me. I feel like. I have to do everything perfectly if i use skill if i use a practice if i exercise whatever i do i have to do it perfectly and it keeps me from doing it so just wanted to share those two little things that have made my life a living hell.

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