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Called city of Indians in a state that's called land opinions. I think that's I think it's as simple as is coming from that, quite honestly, While the Indians may not have been named for the Indian As the team has made use of the marketing possibilities. As with the major League Indians in Cleveland, headline writers have sometimes called the team the tribe. The teams sometimes use that name itself, the Indians quilts logo and the players, caps depicting Native American wearing face paint and an old Busch Stadium. There used to be a teepee beyond the outfield wall. We found out. However, many years ago it was that the TP was actually not used by Indians in this part of the country and used by Indians in some parts of the country, But not in central Indiana. They actually used mark houses. So we thought, Well, if it's not historically accurate, maybe we don't need to use it anymore. Schumacher likes to point out the Indianapolis team has been the Indians longer than the Cleveland team. Has. Cleveland was the naps in honor of Hall of Famer in Appalachia Way until he left for the A's in 1915. The Cleveland Indians bought their namesake team in 1951, Rocky Colavito and Roger Marris were among those who played an indie during its five years as Cleveland's top farm team. The Indians controversial chief Wahoo mascot was part of the connection we stop using that we start working with them. So we I think Through the years we've tried to to be conscious of of doing things the right way and in respectfully, Cleveland has announced. This will be its last season as the Indians, Schumacher says. While there have been occasional questions about the name over the years, it didn't really become a serious topic of discussion until last year. When the NFL's Washington Redskins announced a change their name the Indians formed a committee to look at the name is something that we get questions on from time to time. Um, we have tried to reach out to Native American groups and other stakeholders to get their sense about the name and that's something that as time goes by, will continue to study. But you, micro says there's no timetable for that review the team has had other issues to deal with. You know, this has been a tough 20 months for us until we got going again in May we hadn't played baseball. Since August of 2019 so just trying to hang in there and keep our staff together and and be able to open up kind of been a lot

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