Why Black Media Avoids Larry Elder


I am wondering. In regard. To regard to larry elder the la sentinel. Is the local black paper in southern california and to the best of my knowledge. They haven't written one article about his running little interviewed him black. The black left cares as much about blacks as the white left. Does which is to say not at all when when you come to realize these things your life changes any one of these is in piff. Unie life-changing epiphany the left is the only place of systemic racism in the united states. The black left and the white left both have contempt for blacks and use them. Larry elder actually wants help blacks and so he shut out of the mainstream. I e left wing plaque media. That's it his magic wand. Question is the question in the united states at this time. I'm paraphrasing. I believe i. I'll get right because the gist is easy to remember. A magic wand is waved over the united states and every vestige of racism in white people is super naturally removed. What problem that blacks face will therefore be removed. Will the seventy percent of black kids born to an unwed. Mother change if if god himself extirpated. Every vestige of racism from every white in america would change anything with regard to being born into a home without a father the single biggest crisis in black life. That's why they they shut him out.

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