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I'm Sarah lease Breaking now the nation's top infectious disease expert says the U. S is headed in the wrong direction when it comes to Covid 19 cases are once again rising in parts of the country. As vaccination rates slow in the delta, Varian takes hold White House chief medical advisor, Dr Anthony Fauci tells CNN's state of the union. The vaccines are highly effective against the variant, and it's clear where cases are occurring. It's really an outbreak among the unvaccinated, he says. Health officials are pleading with people to get vaccinated. Mark Remillard ABC News governor, Mike DeWine is expected to update Ohio's Covid 19 back to school guidance this week. He said that new details would probably be released on Monday. Governor Dwight has yet to say whether he is in favour of requiring Masks in the state schools or not, And now for your latest traffic and weather together, I'm seeing the usual backups headed in both directions near the brown Spence Bridge. This is, of course, due to that big painting project. Other than that, I'm not seeing any other major accidents or delays at this time. But if you do see anything, just give us a call at 4 to 1 news. Now, the latest forecast from the advanced Industry Weather Center. Are you afraid of the dentist at advanced industry? We get it to learn more about how I V sedation can change your life visit. No fear. Dentist dot com Chances will diminish into the evening and overnight, the clouds will break as well below down to 70 kicking off the work. We got a hot notes sunny and warmer, but much more comfortable as far as the humidity is concerned. Hi 89 from your severe weather station. I'm nine first warning meteorologist Sherry Hughes News, Radio 700 w L W the radar's all clear For now. It's 90 degrees here in Cincinnati. Ohio born and Kentucky raised fencer Lee Kiefer made history today in Tokyo history

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