Biden Admin Likely to Blame Stranded Americans in Afghanistan for 'Not Registering'


Me? The United States government can't figure out NGOs, contractors, military people, and who knows? Maybe there are visitors. I'm sure it's not that many, but you can't tell me and give a rough number Who's left behind. You can't reach out and do it. That doesn't sound right to me. Why are they doing that? Most of you already figured it out. This gives me uh No pleasure. Obviously in telling you this nothing but pain. They're preparing to blame these Americans when they leave them behind in August, 31st I hope and pray this isn't true. I desperately hope that the public outcry From this calling your congressman calling your senators what? Whatever it may be whatever you can do to get involved and have your voice heard right now stops them from doing this. But I've heard from multiple credible people well aware of what's going on with Intimate familiarity. Geopolitics. All of this nonsense going on right now that they are preparing to leave these people behind. And the blame game is going to be well. They didn't register. They didn't non register so Sorry by bad.

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