Museum Activists Say Real Change Is Needed to Combat Racial Injustice



Last year after george floyd. We saw a lot of racial recommends happen across multiple fields. We saw happened in hollywood. We saw it happened in the food industry. Surprising we saw it happened in very many unexpected places did any fallout happen with these racial reckonings. End museum industry. You know there was call for greater racial equity racial justice within the museum fields as well there was a whole survey done by museum next which is an international organization. Asking people do they feel like museums are relevant and a lot of people said he thought museums was important but not necessarily relevant because they didn't feel like museums. We're talking about issues within our society and wasn't standing up for for anything and so that's incredibly important to know that our society wants to see museums become more involved. There were a lot of people asking for changes made within the leadership And within policies of museums as well. And so what i did was i created the very first map and directory of museums created by black indigenous and other people of color. The map now has over a hundred and fifty museums throughout the country. The list is still growing but it shows these community museums or also known as culturally specific museums. Their pedagogy is one that puts community before collections. These community museums or doing incredible work across the country by work right now. Looks like Supporting those institutions and in the meantime challenging the racial infrastructure of those larger Museums that we know by

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