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Strawberry Letter


This one right here right now. You never know it could be yours. You're never know buckle up and hold on tight. We got it for you here. It is the strawberry letter subject. My daddy's brother's wife. Dear stephen shirley so crazy. I'm a thirty eight year old married man and i have a woman on the side that i've been with for about three months. She's newly married but she calls me her maintenance man because of her husband's age he's significantly older and she said he has a problem in the bedroom so we hook up once or twice a week. I'm originally from kansas. And my mom and i moved to georgia after she divorced my dad right. After we moved my mom met a guy and got pregnant but the guys split and she had raised two boys on her own. My father has always been in my life but my brother did know his father until recently. He's thirty three now and he decided he wanted to meet his dad's. My mother gave him the information and he found him they met up for lunch and my brother kept talking about how fine and pretty his dad's wife is he said she's younger and she's a registered nurse. He also said she has a big tattoo on her hand and she's got got a thick spanish accent. I instantly knew it was my side. Schick what. I called her to ask her if she'd recently met her husband son and she said yes. I told her that he's my younger brother. And it intrigued her. She said that my younger brother is handsome. As i am. And she loves his dreads. I got jealous. But i didn't say anything a few days ago. I told my brother everything. He was disappointed in me for cheating on my wife and said there is no way i could keep sleeping with her My brother says she is a slut and she even flirted with him and got his phone number. I asked why they exchanged numbers. He said it's so they can get better acquaintance. I must admit. I'm worried about them hooking up. Do you think they do that to me. I dumped this chick. Do i think they would do that to you. And should you jump. Del her yes and yes of course they would do it to you. You're doing it to your wife. Your side chick is doing it to her husband slash your brothers father so yes. Anyone in this letter can get done anyone. It's already happening. Your brother exchanged numbers with his step. Mom she told you he's handsome and you already know firsthand. How she rolls. Let this mess. Go please let it go. Because you're just going to be one of the men she's playing with and god forbid if your brother father finds out i say get out now and and even then it might be too late. Tell your brother not to be stupid. Okay your brother not to be stupid. The meth letting go you know. Get back into your wife to grace. You have no reason to cheat on her at all. Tommy there are no rules to number two. That's what you don't understand. There are no rules number. Twos can do what they want to do. You found you a number two but number two guy game and see a sexy hispanic. Mechta was a spanish accent. thick net sixty spanish girl. Guess what he can do what she wanted to she. Go do your problem. Okay if you come over and it's opinion outta hanging at your brother house guilt. Woosh he good do you. Do i promise you wish you go put only gonna put that guacamole on the first about but they know how to cook get real good. Go put guacamole on his. As i once guacamole and chips you start losing a little bit. Now listen one. That'll take in. Because i didn't had it before that mexican corn on the cob if you put that mexican corn on the cop one where they that sour cream into the locker lamb on that right there. It's going to do your little brother. Would deliver beautiful dreads. He won't get done. So i'm telling you number two you can do what they wanna do. There are no rules to number two. They can do what they won't who they won't win. They won't have no control. You know why because you marry and you can't call no shots all you got. Do hope that the number to love you like guess what she don't love you like danny the sexy spanish number two and she gets to do what she wanted to do. A ranks cucaracha cha. Cha you wanna do okay. And i'm just gonna pass it onto the fellas and let it go but yeah the mexican number two is the bomb. And if you're gonna see me well then do you wanna see what should look like i know. Don't lie to me. Because he got the tattoo on hand. I wanna make so who who was supposed to be go here. J. j. nothing in my daddy's wife his way there's nothing in this world in this entire world you can search asia iraq iran. Whatever you can search all these places that is just the worst thing is to have a disc respectable number two when they get out of land and they get out. That is the worst thing she can do. That's i don't even know why that shouldn't have been another commandment it should have been. Eleven amendments instead of pin dow should not have a number to get out the with. That is oh my you have a number to that disrespect. All you've done and she you got to grab her right below two elbow. That makes them weak. Right there. graham raton pull to the side and red rat rat up under the lily limit and test me. They can understand everything that dam. There rather can come back. And i'll let you finish. We'll have part two today. Strawberry letter coming up at twenty three minutes after the hour subject. My brother's daddy's wife. We'll get back into it right after this. You're listening to morning. Show all right guys. We're going to recap today strawberry letter. The subject is my brother's daddy's wife. The title is a little confusing in and of itself. These are half brothers and

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