How to Find a Mentor and Be a Successful Manager



So tell us about how you got interested in code when i was in about grade. Three very slow which is about eight years old. I'll primary school got a set of computers and straighter the lab though at about four to six computers in the that was Squad got and they asked parents of the school if they were interested in enrolling children for often compete lessons and for some reason which i don't know my parents decided to enroll me fafsa mischievous at home and i started attending those computer classes and we didn't do anything complicated. Did like i remember. One particular program was like typing to program. We yet to that. Try type in like a sentence in the faucets diamond. You'd have the record and everything. But as a result of being exposed to competing debt early on as the school got more computers than computing became more combine. it goes across. Zimbabwe studied my primary school in high school and I was always good at it. And data than most other students within exposed later on in my high school korea i started doing actual computer science coating. I think what it's supposed to. Coding stuttered incomplete assigns. End as it was odd. I gained because i've been supposed to computing machines odia. I was good at the computer. Science side of it that really got some good interest in it And that. Lynn obviously took me to studying at university and everything but the roots reading comeback to that small computer lab which not everyone dope which you need to go through to that and my parents decided it would be useful for me to studying computer. That early on

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