Gettr CEO Jason Miller on Birthing A New Social App For Conservatives


Actually spoke on the salem radio network about a month ago. Right after the launch of getter you're a month and now the news has been incredible yard over two million users. You got to a million in about a week. Which is absolutely record-breaking. How's it going give the listeners. And update on getter. it's going create whereas you said we're right about two million users who've already joined the platform where the fastest ever social media platform to a million users did that in three days took facebook about ten months comparison. And what we're seeing. It's it's really exciting. The growth that about fifty percent of the user bases here in the us fifty percent is international. But we're seeing all sorts of conservatives and mega warriors and some of the favorite folks quite like the phone social media in addition to yourself. Dennis desouza mike pompeo ben carson marjorie taylor green and of course one of the things. I still have twitter on my phone now to have it. I'll go and look at it. Every now and then i kind of dread when it opened up twitter. Whatever the left wing soros bart's going on the attack today and Yes orangemen bad. And they hate president trump and it's it's all negative on nasty and then opened up getter and direction. Real conversations is kind of exciting speakeasy of conversations. There's been some news in the last twenty four forty hours that the much vaunted much requested notifications feature is here forget on desktop and coming soon to the apps is that right. Yes absolutely and Trust me we. We've heard folks day we've got to have notifications that's what's gonna make the engagement Exploded in the way even more so before and by the way. We're seeing ton of engagement but you know we wanted. We made the decision that we wanted to launch. Until i four to get out there and because people were clamoring they wanna do social media platform something not controlled by the silicon valley tech oligarchs with people being d platform and shutdown. We wanna have some setup you know. We could have waited another month month and a half nature. everything was perfect or we had whole additional features. Wanna get launch In right now it's been sitting with Our good friends at apple for about two weeks now Just waiting is they control everything that goes onto the platform so as soon as they approve the next upgrade which can literally be any second which we've been waiting for about two weeks Then you will have notifications on On your iphone which will be great. It's on the desktop. Now people are already raving about it

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