Shannon Sharp: Kawhi Leonard Will Not Win a Championship for Clippers


We have some big clippers news and even though there's no timetable set for his return we now know will be sticking around in la. Yesterday quiet agreed with the clippers to a four year deal. They player option. That is worth over. One hundred seventy six million according to ward so shannon will. He lead the clippers to championship. During this contrast this up look at it like this. Break it down like this. We do know that there's a likelihood that he's gonna miss some of the season this year. You're going to be some or is it going to be all. He missed fifteen games with thirty. Gave me say you know what guys. I'm gonna make sure totally healthy because this is what we know about learning history. He does not play hurt. So i'm gonna say this year. I'm gonna wash it up. He played on even though. I think there's a fifty fifty chance. He does play but he missed some games. You better hope. He doesn't play this year art. I wanted to play. I wouldn't i wouldn't play. It doesn't matter to me He we don't worry about we. Don't worry about the other squad but anyway so that's one year so he has two years left. Because the fourth option basically skip. That's an insurance policy. In case the need do give out on it. Because we know his history. He's had some issues over the last several years. That's called the time. I was gonna say they don't scale because i don't believe the nets. I don't believe we are walking out. Don't believe the lakers. I don't believe some of these other teams have some of the issues that they have now. When you signed when you have two guys on deals paul george and aqua leonard it becomes very difficult for you to fill out your roster with significant players basically. You're getting guys who mid level exceptions you guys taking the vet minimum.

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