Kamala Harris Distances Herself From Joe Biden's Afghanistan Catastrophe


Miranda devine on fox news yesterday. A new york post reporter had a pretty interesting analysis. Not only joe biden but of the fabled popular kamala harris the vice president she was. She's been front and center on all things biden. Remember all the press conferences with carmela harris by his side. Where is she now. Unfortunately this has been a debacle afghanistan. Joe biden owns it. He stinks of failure and defeat and she wants to be as far away from that she possibly tan. She's trying to keep her reputation intact. It's it's quite a betrayal of the vice president. I think not to be standing by the president side when he. He's now given to sort of speeches. I guess you'd call them in this since friday. Since this verse a problem started to rear its head. And it's i guess require remarkable that she has decided not to show solidarity with the president. And chose you where the white house is ash. She i suppose is thinking that you will be stepping into the president shoes. But i think it's really quite strange that she's forging ahead with this trip to southeast asia. Which i think is really a mistake. She's forging ahead. yeah she's going to vietnam. Where do we send the vp. Let's senator vietnam. Why don't we send her to antarctica. Maybe we could just put her in an outpost at the north pole gutters far away from this messes possible holy cow. What a mess worried right now. This is a true crisis.

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