Will Booster Shots Make a Difference?


On wednesday. The president's top covert advisors cited a few early studies to make the case for boosters from new york from nursing homes from the mayo clinic. Plus there was some data from israel. I see two things. I i see a few canaries in the coal mine. I do see that. The is Specially from based on the us data. There is a diminishing of effectiveness against mild moderate disease. Here's michelle will get. The director of the centers for disease control and prevention on wednesday talking about a mayoclinic analysis of more than eighty thousand vaccinated and unvaccinated. People like we saw in the new york. Dana vaccine effectiveness against infection declined over time. In this case from seventy six percent to forty two percents for those who receive the pfizer vaccine and from eighty six percent to seventy six percents for those who receive. The madonna vaccine are also see that things seem to be holding up against severe disease including hospitalization. More or less which seems great but seems quick which is good. The other thing i see is whenever things are that nuanced. I want to see the whole ishii be process unfold. Who needs the advisory committee on immunization practices. It's a group of fifteen outside advisers. Doctors nurses public health specialists. Who make recommendations to the cdc on vaccines on cova. Yes but on other things too and the committee has a standard deliberative process. That anyone you were me can log on and watch the encouraging thing and something that got lost in a lot of coverage was that the actual verdon of things that came out yesterday was that they are doing this for planning purposes to start with september twentieth bending authorization from fda and bending the advisory committee on immunization practices review. So i as a scientist. I had weighed for the review because things are that nuanced.

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