2021 Running Back Rankings


Back here ready to record our consensus running back. Rankings fellas. how are you doing. It's been a while two weeks away from two weeks and a day away. From that first thursday night football game then really jones in on some preseason football but ready for the real deal yeah same here. I'm glad to be back recording. It was a bummer miss last week. Especially with the running back episode coming up one of my favorite episodes record but like you said it was better to be safe than sorry so we took the same approach. And i'm looking forward to finally talking about the running backs and yeah like you said two weeks ago you guys. I'm excited. Preseason is great. But i'm ready for the real deal here. Yeah absolutely you know. Speaking of the preseason and running backs is there any preseason hype campos. That's kinda got you guys changing changing your opinions on any anyone player coming out of the draft. I was probably a little bit higher on michael carter than most but seen him in action and seeing the jets team definitely falling down down my rankings. There yeah. I definitely agree with you when it comes to. Michael carter was high on him. Just because of how good of a receiving back is but he's been working like as the third and fourth running back in preseason so even though we looked pretty good it worries me that you're not getting in until the end of the games right now so it's up to monitor c. H. is injury is also something that's kind of concerns me. He sprained his ankle. In the preseason game i loved the usage that they were showing and using with early in that game. But you don't want an ankle injury this close to the season. Fortunately it sounds like it wasn't a high ankle sprain so he dodged a little bit of a bullet but you don't want an injury that's close to the season so she h. Was someone who is higher up for me and he's gonna move down just slightly as we go into drafts here. Yeah one for tonight was David johnson you know the the usage there is really strange throat. This preseason. i don't know if he's been cut candidate or if he's going to make the team be and being a starting running back but that's just kind of a a lower. That was surprising. How how he's being used with. Ingram and lindsey as well so that was another another guy that i have. I lowered my ranking well. Yeah i'm super surprise there. Ingram and lindsey over david johnson. Would he has moved up in. Grammar lindsey at all then with only two backs there rather than three. Yeah i just two of them. Windy for sure. We'll take the jump. Be the one. I'd be the most excited to have. Yeah i don't think either one of them are going to move up much for me Bill lindsay would be the one that moves up slightly. But i have very little desire to get any piece of the houston texan offense. We have no desire for david johnson. So i don't think it's going to move him up much. But if it does come down to david johnson getting cut. Yeah would that would bump up a little bit for

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