Cam Newton vs. Mac Jones: Where Patriots QB Competition Stands

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The other side. I it's a more interesting. Quarterback is a quarterback competition in new england. What is the sense. You get the dynamic between cam. Newton and mack jones. Yes quarterback competition. We can call it that cam. Newton is the starter plated limited amount of time against the washington football team. And then as you mentioned mack jones and it's very important not only to listen to what bill bella checks says but what he does and what he did was put back jones out there with the first team offensive line for a couple of plays at the end of his at the first half against the washington football team and then he had max jones run the two minute drill the no huddle offense and that he did with command and obviously precision and they were very impressed with that but right now what he wants to see what bill belichick wants to see and he said this the other day he to see the whole team but particularly the quarterback play faster react faster execute faster and what better way to do that than enjoying practices with the philadelphia eagles and then a preseason game on thursday night but yes there is a competition and we'll have to see how this goes in the next couple of weeks but my money is on cam. Newton starting the season and mack jones quickly getting up to speed and pushing cam newton for the starting job.

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