A highlight from Christmas Special: The Body Cons Big Fat Pod of the Year 2019


Welcome to body cons. A collection of conversations about bodies. I'm lottie serene writer. Training counselor and psychology geek. And i'm molly forbes broadcast campaign at and body image influence ace Happy christmas oh falling saw being on the tree we got a mold wine and american pie and lottie dressed up with win that sexy santer outfit. Not i've told you about wearing that outfit and we weren't sure what's your records for. How many minutes. oh. I don't know. I'm i don't mind mince pies. But my favorite are the on bbc website. They've got a recipe. Frac shortbread tight mints pie. The pastry is almost like shortbread. And that's why i make. And i can just eat pasture on its own. Why don't like his light when the pastries really dry and his team much pastry. And it doesn't really taste bene- thing i mean. I could do a whole episode about mince pies. Nice not ya'll recipe where she squeezes. Orange juice into the patient. Wenches may great apple into the mint. Light you can buy a very miss. Plays have a real cozy thing where my grandma was still alive. She used to make min maidment me and she would put a little bit into tupperware containers and all of us right there on and you high children and then older cousins would get. We'd get our own one and my mom sometimes makes a bachelor and i still actually got some of her mincemeat leftover from last year to mice. Yeah might have christmas cake for a few years. Wonder viga anyway. My record fifteen fifteen. How old were you at this point in my twenty wealth. Today's episode of body. We've missed you. We've been away. Today's episode is a special retrospective all the channels do that like favorites of the year. Top ten type things part of the exactly. Oh can can we cool. Yeah like nikki. Someone else's idea right guy. Basically this is a highlights. Reel some of our favorites over the past year. Enjoy the sensible appearance research which is an incredible place. This is where they do all the kind of scientific research into body image and we are joined by body major set Not yet credit. How i think about body image. Is it really an infection. Between public health social justice and a quality on impacts education on how we live in unhappy lives on how we perform in schools. I think it kind of closet on office areas. The other thing too about putin is at so. Many people are affected by twenty minutes concerns. I think quite easy to think because many people are affected two dollars. Just it benign. It's a big deal like another person by the way let but what we from the research from forty we've has that has will the cussing for for some people in everyday life and can really take a toll get very upset when i hear and see people especially people in positions of power. You can feel about nobody if only you do at home lose weight you. I didn't use this cream. You do not do the other to change your body and then hormonal south end this on mini-state pretty standard. And i think that's matic on so many levels. I think so. It's it's like thinking about how we can change people people's coalition than how. How you how you think. Well actually think there's another level another appeal to a question. It's actually that how. I'm thinking about reflects the ongoing fashiony. How do we change society. How do we change. Says she will values award that like. I think there's no question about it. And i think that'll will say the piece of you know if you put so much pressure on the individual like your living and toxic body image chance night but regardless of that you need to like have whole on at all times and i don't care i love my body and i think that's a really hard thing to be able today. I think it's really really difficult. I think is a huge obstacle on individual especially a young person. I think when. Assigning things and impressionable. You've got all of these messages on the fine on tv everywhere. You look like you know you should this way and not how you're going to be happy and success colon and and popular in all of these things so i think then that puts another pressure on someone to them because i need to love my body and regardless of all of this and i think that work up to say that that work is important.

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