A highlight from Trek's Best & Worst Romances - Vol.I


On your sensors are correct. Do not adjust your heading. You've discovered the omega particle streaming the alpha quadrant in beyond beyond. Here's your host. The anchorman of the federation the doctor of lithium. This is jonathan weekend. to the mega particle. I'm your racist and humble host. Jonathan wiegand the anchorman of the federation. The doctor of lithium is a previously said. Welcome to the today's program and we're going to be covering the best and worst romances Never done anything like this before on the podcast but My wife was like. Hey why not talk about all the romances. Because there's so many in star trek. This is probably going to be multiple part series down the road but for now doing the big heavy hitters Just want to give you a little bit of an update on the kind of the formatting of the podcast going forward now that lower deck is coming out on a weekly basis. I'm not doing reviews. And a weekly podcast. That's insane. i work like sixty hours a week. I have a fulltime job. I have a child. I side hustles. So there's no way to do that. So we're gonna keep with the quick News and reviews going back to those for the weekly lower deck's but then we're doing our big kind of interesting episodes every bi weekly now so beyond look out for that This week is kind of be the first romy issue to out. So now you know the rest of the story Also i know a lot of people are really excited for the star trek convention happening or going to be happening in vegas remember stay safe vaccinated and stand six feet. Apology our yeah. I'm obviously not going this year for a lot of reasons but definitely stay safe guys and have fun. Kinda just feels good to kind of get back to normal you know. Don't forget the voyager backing. I think it's still open. it's gonna email about. It might still be open so definitely check that out trying to get that documentary out as quickly as possible so they need as many backers and you don't want to do what i did with the d. s. nine one. I didn't support it. I didn't back it and do you know what a head away like. Three or four months came. Itunes and i hated that. So please Support that's great for great 'cause number one number two his going to be a helluva good commentary. I can cut. Yeah yeah it's a family show side luna scolding anyway. Let's get into the thick of it with the best and worst romances in star trek.

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