As 20th Anniversary of 9/11 Nears, Joe Biden Faces Political Crisis Over Afghanistan Falling to the Taliban


This will see the twentieth anniversary. September the eleventh. Just around the corner totta believe. i know. i'm sure every single one of you're listening can remember with clarity way. You were on that sunny crystal blue tuesday morning when three thousand americans were killed in the space of one hundred in two minutes that attack on us soil the greatest terrorist attack in modern history. Something which the soviet union never never achieved in four decades of the cold war was masterminded may osama bin laden and his organization al qaeda which means the base. What's the full name of the organization which the mainstream media never ever mentioned the base for the holy war against the crusaders. Yes that is the full name that income himself the base. It's a holy war against us against the western civilization against jews against christians and against muslims who they deem not to be muslim enough a generation later this administration the one that is allegedly run by a man called joe biden. Who can't even speak properly. Who doesn't know the entrance to the white house. Who tells you he was a truck driver. And how harry. His legs were when he was alive. God is affected a precipitous withdrawal from afghanistan that now they're having to counter with the redeployment of three thousand of military military who have been disgraced by this administration by the current secretary of defense. Who made it his mission to hunt down quote unquote the enemies inside

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