The End of DACA?


So if you're someone who is a dreamer right now who does not have daca. You can have daca right. Is that correct. Yeah i think like in the most basic of census right like that is probably the interpretation that most folks are walking away. And if you know you're an outsider. Meaning that you don't have or you're trying to essentially figure something out that might just be the simplest way to look at it but for the people who are in the process of applying for dhaka for the first time right they are seeing a lot of very specific questions that have quite just been answered right. Judge heynen though federal judge in the southern district of texas who has been essentially overseeing a variety of different cases on this subject as made no secret that he's not a fan of the daca program so people need to understand that first and foremost number two his ruling basically states that new applicants as you mentioned julio people who are in the process of applying for dhaka for the first time short of them being fully approved into the program will no longer be eligible for the program. What exactly does that mean. May the young daca applicant. Who says well. I sent in my application. It was received. I gotta biometrics appointment. This is where they go and take your finger branson that take a photo and all this jazz. You know i did dad. I haven't heard back from you. If my application going to be considered is gonna be frozen. It's going to be thrown away and that's kind of where we are at earlier this week. We saw that. Uscis basically said in a statement. You know we acknowledge that this is happening. Where abiding by the court order. There will be more guidelines following up. So i i actually have it up on my phone because i tweeted out and it's interesting because let me just break this down because it says i'm rita and this came out on july nineteenth and i'm glad you brought it up because i was kind of like my next question but let's let's give the people some context. This is the giving people some context portion of the show so basically they say you know based on the order issued by the us district court for the southern district of texas and texas. The united states department of homeland security is enjoined from granting initial daca requests. Basically saying you haven't even started like don't even try

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