A highlight from Tips and Texts for Creating Chemistry feat. Matthew Hussey

Girls Gotta Eat


When you've made a very clear statement. I think your heart and that person now has that in their head. They can't on higher for the rest of the. Yeah exactly. i'm here and you find me hot. That's the important part. Hi welcome back to another episode of girls got welcome back. We are remote. This is triggering quarantine times. It's so weird as kobe times. We haven't recorded an intro not together and so long you guys. Every time we travel together really bring bikes your cord together. I know i think what. I don't even know when this has been so so long that we're part Seattle in the hamptons bicoastal. People like how hog is she going to be there guys all four weeks odiaun every week. We're like ashes coming to you from the. I mean yeah. I live here this month. That's what it is all talk about of a worry jumped in a couple of our partners. Thanks to you. Up for supporting.

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