What Was Machiavelli's Position on War?


A quote here That i wanted to ask you about that. Machiavelli said which segues beautifully there is. No avoiding war. It can only be postponed to the advantage of others now. I suppose you could take that a variety of different ways to mean war in the sense that we mean war or is he writing this advice to a political figure. You're saying like if you have you have to crush your political opponents now or else they're only gonna grow stronger. Both you're referring to a quote that comes up from chapter three of the prince. At least the next chapter. He lays out the differences between ancient rome in the way modern politics in its business in modern politics. Machiavelli says there's an inclination that you think that somehow wars avoidable that if you just avoid war it won't come to you. In the context of the coat you're mentioning machiavelli talking about foreign enemies for machiavelli. It's it's natural for human beings to want to expand into acquire and so it's the natural inclination of all governments want row a net means imprint in in japan your own borders and national interests. So then you're caught in arms race so to speak of expanding yourself so machiavelli. He thought that the seeked wrong a classical rome was they never thought war was it. Avoidable always took the fight to their enemies now in the discourses he talks about the same phenomenon domestically he says. Sometimes you're gonna find you have enemies within you better stripe while they're still week before they grow and become a faction and which as you're going to have to have either a civil war even

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