The Atheist Experience 25.39 09-26-2021 with Matt Dillahunty and Jim Barrows - burst 16


Is yo- we. We had attempts of people to call in and present arguments who decided to talk about wagon wheels and things. That aren't true but couldn't approve the point if they would've People who wanted to cite with the bible says theus who had objections to apocalyptic claims we had atheist with some bad arguments their own some of them on behalf of other people. Yeah is the weather still nice down there. Yeah whether it's awesome looking forward to. I can't wait till i get to come down and visit. Yeah first of all. I wanna thank the crew once again if they can get pop themselves up there. There's a lot that goes on here behind the scenes that nobody will ever know about but none of you would be able to hear anything. See anything like anything. Subscribe to anything. Which by the way. If you haven't liked inscribed i don't know what else we could do You wouldn't be able to listen to these conversations if it weren't for those people there because they can do that. Show whether i show up or not with. Jim shows up or not. As long as there's somebody here willing to

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