Generating SQL [Database Queries] From Natural Language With Yanshuai Cao


So tell us a little. Bit about touring and the motivation for it. How did the project get started right. So is this natural. Language database interface is a demo of anguish database interface built. And it's really just putting a lot of our word on some parsing space together. In this academic demo so netra language database interface the from application perspective the pin uses to a law a nontechnical users to interact with structured data. Set is there's lots of inside endure and You know who want to give out change for nontechnical users to to get those insights and from a research perspective. It's a very challenging natural english Problem because the underlying problem is you have to parse pasta in english or had our next languish than convert to see cole. And we all know. Natural language is ambiguous machine languages on bigger after resolve all amputate. He yard a too harsh correctly. Furthermore was different from compared to on other program. Language is the mapping. From adams. To see cole is under specified. If you don't know the schema really depend on what is the structure of schema and so he still model has to really learn how to reason using it. And in order to resolve all that may retail and correctly predicted the sequel and lastly this printer model some. You don't want to just work on this domain one. To work on demand is on databases. You're never seen before. So without st cross domain across database part of it and dodgers very challenging. Guess it's completely different. Distribution wants moved to different dimensions even

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