A highlight from Hamiltons Christopher Jackson on Knowing Who You AreOn and Off Broadway


Hey everybody should have maker here. Your host of the for the love podcast. Welcome to the show you as well right. Now we are in a series called love of broadway. This might be one of my favorite series that we have ever done for years. It is so electric. So we've we've stepped back into the world of broadway and we are finally enjoying life theater again right. Thank you and it just felt right to have some of the best of the best on this show for you. Broadway has always been important to me. My first experience with broadway was in college. And i saw in the opera and i just had never experienced anything like that before i all of it. The theater the the the drama the costuming that the school or does all coming together in such a unique way. I just i. I caught the bug immediately. Like from the first note and i. It's never left me. I've seen tons and tons of broadway shows and i'm a fan of a patron. I'm i follow it closely. I'm i'm in awe of the specific unique talent. That musical theater brings together. It's it's so special. And so i don't know if you've ever heard about this one show it was you know smallish. A few people talked about it. it was called hamilton. Every deal it only when like eight drama desk awards. Eleven tony awards the pulitzer prize or drama. So if you've been around me while you know that. I came to hilton super late in the game when it came out i was just in the middle of so much like life and career. I was a wasteland of like cultural experiences. So i missed the front edge hamilton. That came to it late and went to new york and saw it in the theater with the second cast and i mean i couldn't sleep that night i could not. I laid wait until four in the morning. Membrane was just like mine. hal but like how. how how. how did i just see that. I know every word every word. I've got the books. I've got the behind the scenes books i've read it. I've seen same as everybody. Hamilton was like a wonderful infectious disease. That just took the whole world by storm. And so today you guys. We are so lucky to be spending time with the one and the only christopher jackson of course you know he was the original george washington in hamilton. Incredible doesn't even there's not worse. There's no his first broadway role was also actually with the lion king so he started like right with an iconic show he actually started on sambol member and then moved his way into the role of adult simba who he was the understudy four two after several years and then he's started after midnight and bronx bombers and memphis and on and on of course not only if he well known obviously the theater community but he's also moved into other mainstream platforms. Where he's collaborated with lin. Manuel miranda on mwana along with his acting on the cbs trauma. Bull which i think he said he was in his fifth year now and then of course the top it all off in twenty eighteen. He received an honorary doctorate of fine arts from oglethorpe university. So the first time that i ever saw hamilton in new york i was late. I was so my brain was buzzing so hard. And i just took to twitter and i was like who will help me like who will help me. I need somebody processes with me. I know that you guys all process this. You know four years ago. But i needed right now partner to help me talk about this and boom right up on twitter chris jackson pasta. How can i be of service. And then everybody lost their minds. They're like oh my. Gosh you've conjured. Chris checks and we've kind of stayed in touch ever sits and so i'm so happy to tell you that you are not of course you're gonna love this interview but he is just the light full as a human person like if you're watching this on youtube. We always have this on audio wherever you. Listen to your podcast. But we these are always uploaded by video on my youtube channel. Which is so fun to watch. Could you get to cfo There are always recorded. You see our faces and you get to see my guest like body language. How they're talking and you're gonna wanna watch on youtube is so engaging and you'll see me like doing this the okay audio listeners. What i did was like a moonie grin on my face and just nodded is so great to talk to him. Face to face and voice to voice a lot of wisdom in here and probably gave one of my favorite answers. I've ever heard to my very final question. What saving your life right now. nothing. I've never heard before and i'm going to be thinking about it forever. I actually think so. He really came in vulnerable. He talked about the highs and the lows of being on something. Conic is hamilton. And when it's meant for him where his own next. You're going to love him so hard. So i am nearly pleased to share with you. My conversation absolutely wonderful. Christopher jackson

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