Unpacking the Azure CHAOS DB Flaw With Nir Ohrfeld of Wiz


And manu often. I'm a senior secur security researcher here at the weasel near for our listeners. Who might not know whiz. Tell us a little bit about what was a classical with the company. Which helps you to uncover. The cloudy sokaia vulnerabilities exposure that. You're having your environments with toddlers. Some pretty eye-popping research on a big security finding in microsoft's cosmos db database feature which is a feature of its azure cloud ecosystem environment. Tell us if you could a little bit about the vulnerability you discovered and how you got to start looking at this cosmos database a festival every network caulking population goal. Is they database. Eventually every acting event you hear about in the news involves some kind of data league ransoming intelligence with all of that is is is inside the database. We've seen that debate is very popular. Among a gusto in our original goal was actually to find some common recent miss configuration. So we'll be able to show that in the product but You know one thing led to another and it will today maybe explain a little bit about what cosmos is. I mean obviously people are familiar with enterprise. Databases sequel server oracle and so on. Is cosmos a totally new database platform. Or is it just a kind of cloud and standardization of existing database technology. So a yet just a regular the cloud. This nation the college of databases like the go-to database solution for your customers. So we got the customers use cosmos debate for holding everything that you will the useful. Your standout databases. That's why such a high value because eventually it's a database. the customers don't have the actually possess. It's someone else's computer. Michael in this in this exempted

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