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FM. Flights have resumed. I'm Lisa let Sarah Fox News Americans and the Afghan to help them are slowly getting out of Kabul. As the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan continues, thousands of Americans in Afghanistan are being told to stay put until they get a message from the state Department to head to the airport. We provide specific information. About precisely where they should go on the airport compound, and it tells them precisely when to go. State Department spokesman at prices there is an expectation the Taliban will allow safe passage of civilians to the airport is a dynamic. It's a fluid security environment. If we're if we're in a position to do more, I can guarantee you we will do. As much as we can. There are reports of civilians being turned away from the airport. Taliban checkpoints in Washington Jared Halpern, Fox News, the White House says President Biden spoke with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson about Afghanistan, and they have agreed to hold a virtual meeting of G seven leaders next week to discuss a common strategy and approach. The governor of Texas, who opposes mask mandates has tested positive for Covid 19. The office of Governor Greg Abbott released a statement saying Abbott undergoes daily testing for Covid and Tuesday the test came back positive. The plan is for him to isolate in the governor's mansion. While the statement says Abbott is not experiencing any symptoms and is fully vaccinated, he is still receiving monoclonal antibody treatment from Regeneron Foxes. Jessica Rosenthal, the T S a says it will extend a mask requirement at airports, transit hubs and on planes, trains and buses through January, 18th. The current directive was set to run through September. 13th officials in Haiti say the number of jet from Saturday's earthquake is now more than 1900. The number of injured is now at least 9900. The devastation is centered in the southwestern part of the country. America is listening to Fox News.

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