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Sleep With Me


To do is create a safe place. You could set aside whatever's keeping you wake whether it's thoughts you know things on your mind that you're thinking about whether you know could be thoughts from the past or the press into or the future so thoughts any feelings coming up burr motions bubbling to the surface war leftover or anticipatory feelings and emotions. It could be physical sensations. It could be a change in your schedule or your routine. It could be that your schedule is nat routine. So many people in different jobs especially jab said community support. You know jobs where you're supporting our community in your community. You don't even have regular schedules and we get to be there for you because you're there for us So i appreciate the ad. It could be something else. You know seasonal or situational. Whatever it is said blake to take your mind off of in. Would i propose to do is create a safe police. Like i said that aside i'm going to create a safe place by him. My voice across the deep dark night. I'm going to use a lulling soothing. Creaky dulcet tones. Pointless me anders. Which means i'll go off topic Pointless me anderson is superfluous tangents. Get mixed up filler. Words dispatched gas is so full of philo words. It's overflowing if i if could think of a joke. I would've put it in there. How full is it. It's over see. How full is it's overflowing. Did i ever tell you all my dear listeners. To great tub overflow story. I think. I know there is a something called. Tub overflow outta. I'll try to remember to tell it to you because it's just an example of how human we all can be in a think. That was when i made the pie. I think the podcast existed. Then maybe not though. Maybe it didn't exist and i'm not sure but whatever here's the thing Oh semi voice. Oooh so for new few things you might want to know it because The this bad kiss is very different. So if you're having a reaction or you get here you see. What is this is it. What's this Wins the the story sea about fifteen minutes from now so the reason spied kisses different is it's really here to. It's a sleep podcast. But i'm also very different. Maybe you're very different so we we have that in. You know we share that as things that can keep us awake in It's just those you could be a feeling and a thought Anna see could be could be a triple decker boy. So what was my point in. Wh when i tell you this story you'll say okay make sense So oh so. Despite guests is different. That's one thing but of course if you're if you're skeptical or doubtful if you're new that would make total sense as well because i'm sure you've been promising to put you to sleep in the past. Maybe you're like a lot of the other listeners. Irregular listeners listening now or the newest you have tried all this different stuff. None of it works or works for me like for a day or a week and i say yeah ben there. That's why i started making this shows matter fact too. So that's one thing podcast is different. It's also not a podcast really listened to my jobs. I'm here to keep you company to take your mind off of stuff in a way that just barely engages you say okay. I'm aware someone talking. And they may tell story bid to buy like a tub in the intro man. The old bed tub. It ain't no hole in the bed. Tub emmett outer never saying that one but if there was a bet You probably want multiple holes in putting a bed and Probably would put a creek in your neck so don't do it As thinking of the term creek and neck ebbets spelled differently than creek. Great okay so. Oh so the yeah. You don't really listen to me just kind of look at me like you were observed water passing by stream. You say okay. There's some water go in there. But you're not really paying too much attention so loosely listener listening to out of focus way illich. You're looking at water clouds. I don't really actually put you to sleep either. Even though this is asleep podcast and kind of started that whole like a sleep audio kind of thing back in two thousand thirteen. This bacchus doesn't put your soup. It's easier to keep you company while you fall asleep so i'm here to take your mind off of stuff while you drift off. That's why the shows are over an hour. See oh i got plenty of time to fall asleep and the like. Here's the other thing. You don't even have to fall asleep if you can't sleep. I'm going to be here so listening to me is optional. But there's no pressure fall asleep My job is to keep you barely engaged

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