A highlight from Introducing Food People


Is that a good drum roll out at the drum roll yet. We're just going to introduce ourselves. So why don't you start so. I'm don davis editor in chief. Apetite epicurious and i am amanda shapiro. Editorial editorial director at gone if it's heat okay. I've got like a packing crate here. But maybe let's drummer all together. Let's general together. Okay don tell them what the show is. You guys want a podcast and we finally are presenting our new podcast. And it's called who've people were so excited for you to hear it so on the new show. I will be hosting coming out. Every thursday don is going to be stepping in regularly interviews. Some guests of her own. And we'll be tackling some of the most important and perhaps some of the silliest questions of the day some of those questions might be where are we at with the whole test tube. Meat thing our air fires. Worth all of the hype. What are the real environmental impacts on. What makes the perfect dinner party menu. What is the most underrated food town in. America can't wait to answer those and we're gonna give tons of recipes tons of cooking advice to try. We're gonna profile. Some amazing people get into all of their food stories and we'll be focusing on how food and culture and identity all meet in a big stew. It's gonna be fun insightful. And full of conversation to accompany you in the kitchen. So we'll see you next thursday. We can't wait. See you thursday.

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