Ross Wilson Says if Americans Get Stuck in Afghanistan, It's Their Fault


Here's yesterday. Jim queue up for me. Cut one, if if you don't mind. Here is a top U. S diplomat in the region under the Biden administration, Ross Wilson, who was telling nor O Donnell on CBS. That if Americans get stranded, it's their fault. They're preparing not to take our people out, folks. They are preparing for narrative narrative damage control right now, listen to this year, they left our people behind and they're getting prepared right now. As I warned you yesterday and earlier in the week to blame them for doing it. Check this out. The question has been raised. Why didn't the U. S? Get out Americans and are Afghani friends before the Taliban were able to take control of Kabul. You warned about this in a cable were you ignored? We put out repeated warnings every three weeks to Americans going back to I think, March or April, each one in stronger terms. Leave now leave immediately. Never In my 40 years of working since I began working at the State Department, have I seen such strong language used People chose not to leave. That's that's their business. That's their right. We regret now that that many may find themselves in a position that they would rather not be in, and we are determined to try to try to help. You see it? This is disgusting. This is the worst. Uh, this is really For even the most hardened among us who expect nothing of politicians, swamp rats and diplomats. I have to tell you, this is a new low. This is just straight up malfeasance, not misfeasance. This is the difference between not helping someone up off the sidewalk and when they try to get a punching them in the face.

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