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There's a lot of clean up to do in the Northeast. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News from all the damage hurricane ideas. Remnants did open the front door and notice entire Street was about four or five ft. High with all the course you know, submerged in water pretty crazy. He's in Pennsylvania that flash flooding hit several states. At least 11 people died in their basement apartments here in Queens, New York, These basement dwellings were really horrific places to be during a flash. Flood foxes Brian Yannis about 50 deaths blamed on flooding and tornadoes. Almost half in New Jersey. Connecticut state trooper died when his car got swept away. President, Biden says. When it comes to the storms made clear to the governor's that my team at the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA is on the ground and ready to provide all the assistance is needed. Today. The president goes to Louisiana, where hurricane to hit first, and there's still flooding, an unfixed damage and hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses without power or running water, or both. A terror attack at a supermarket in New Zealand Foxes Simon Owen, Details alive Dave, New Zealand's prime minister says six people were stabbed and injured in the city of Auckland. By an Isis extremists who was then killed by police. The attack began at 2 40 pm and was undertaken by an individual

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