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So I don't know how this thing can play out for much longer than it already has its 4 50 at news talk 11 30 w I guess it's time for rapid traffic from the lynch Buick GMC of West Bend Total Traffic centre Sal Delays he's found 94 from the zoo to pass the Marquette interchange. The other crash on 7 94 eastbound just past the market is gone. Westbound delays from 27 to Mitchell Boulevard South down and 8 94 heavy all the way from the zoo down to the hail, then eastbound all the way to 35th. Yeah. Westbound delays from 27 to 60. If you see any issues called the total traffic tip line at 414944 51 11. Oh, this is so good to finally see my Bay Bridge co spokesperson against by you saw me every day on video calls Notice. We've got to hit the road and Beach Bay Bridge traffic to the beach. The early bird gets the worm. I'm no early birds Spike. I'm more of a night out Well, staying later is another way to avoid traffic on the bridge businesses on the Eastern Shore are thrilled to have you back. Go early and stay late. Get a bridge Traffic updates at the mdta on Twitter or bay bridge dot com. Don't miss your chance to see Carlos Miller Live at one Theater in Washington, D. C this Sunday said to my friend at one theater. Get your tickets at live nation dot com.

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