Bill Gates on the Important Choices He Made in His Tenure at Microsoft

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As the founder and operating ceo for twenty five years of one of the most prolific invaluable startups. I wanted to start with your perspective on the important choices that you made during your tenure microsoft and how you view those choices as they've related to the long-term growth story at the company well microsoft was very lucky in that we're not a capital intensive business. You know it was financed by money. I made in high school. And i did the school gasoline and there was all sorts of things you can do and make money fairly easily in those days. 'cause i'm people who knew how to do. Software things was was very small. We did take an investment. We sold five percent of the company and by the way from twenty million to win a million dollars from venture firm dave mark carts venture them just because we wanted to have him actually. It was more senior people but it ended up being him. Advise us about various choices we had to make and those early days we were because we knew that software was this magical thing and it was enabled because the chip was magical and weirdly. People didn't understand that. Moore's law essentially said that computing power would be infinite and so the best way to think about it was to say okay. Software would be the limiting factor towards any sort of digitally assisted activity and we thought of ourselves as a software company. We ended up competing with companies that were single product companies. so like. I wonder if anybody's here's ever heard like ashton tape or has anybody ever heard ashton. Okay good was a great article where i gave a hardcore speech about our database in it. Said gate says ashton-tate never existed. But i did actually say that. I said that they might cease to exist at some point anyway very competitive. There was a spreadsheet called one-two-three a word processor called wordperfect so these were single product companies and in terms of really building your engineering tools. You're international distribution sales consulting. How you work with corporate tells forced you thought of yourself as a software company and a platform company was very different than saying okay. I have one two three. Which was a lotus spreadsheet products. So we didn't feel for ambition but then the intensity of executing on it was super super

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