January 6 Committee Issues Open-Ended Subpoenas to Social Media Giants for Records


They've apparently sent letters. This committee 35 companies from AT and T to Facebook to parlor asking them to preserve information about account holders charged with crimes related to or quote potentially involved with discussions. That's important in planning the January 6th riot. The companies are requested to preserve emails, voice and text and direct messages in preparation for subpoenas to come. Why would you think they would do that? Come on. I know you already. You already know this. You can take over the mic and take over the show. Right now. You know what they're doing. So you figure Thousands of people showed up for the rally that day. A small number of them. Small number were involved in some activities somewhat were criminal, right? Thousands of people showed up to exercise their constitutional right. You do have the constitutional right to assemble. You know, liberals don't know that. But if you get there's an app for the Constitution, I have it on my phone. You may want to try that you can see there is in fact, a Constitution apple you'll read. There is a big our God given right to assemble. So thousands of people did nothing wrong. We're just exercising their constitutional right. So now the House committee for January six they want They're subpoenaing people who are potentially involved with discussions. In planning the January 6th incident. What does what does that mean The discussions That mean you were there. Does that mean you discuss going there? Was that mean You didn't even go and discuss going. Does that mean you went? Did nothing wrong? Does that mean you went did something? What exactly does that mean? Does that mean? You broke the laws and not mean you broke the law? Does it mean you sent an email about the rally? Is it I mean, is it if you sent an email that you thought the election was stolen and thought about attending the rally? Does that include you to notice how they say, potentially involved with discussions in their subpoenas to these companies? You notice how that's left in this big, broad, open based way? You notice that how it's not like a closed ended, which an open integrate, potentially and who gets to decide who was potentially involved with discussions on the January 16. Well, of course, Benny Thompson and the Democrats.

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