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Strawberry Letter


It is the straw every letter. Sexy and simple minded dear stephen shirley i am a twenty nine year old man and three months ago i started dating a gorgeous woman in her mid twenties. She has the best body smooth and glo e chocolates skin the sexiest voice and she is the best that i ever had if you know what i mean. She's very affectionate and she treats me well but she's missing one important thing a brain. Wow i hate to say it. But i like her a lot but she's very simple minded at first. I overlooked because the sex was so good but now i'm starting to notice when we go shopping. She has trouble doing even the most basic math at the cash register. When i give directions to meet me somewhere. She has trouble with right. Turns versus left turns. My sister enjoys talking to her because she is so dizzy. And it's amusing to her. My sister asked my girl if she had any any ambitions and she responded no. I don't like guns. had any ambitions. Not ammunition right ammunition. last week. I admitted to my girl that i have been having second thoughts about our relationship and within an hour of that conversation she put it down. That is an all caps. Put it down in all caps in the bedroom and there was no way i was going to leave her. After that i feel stuck she is beautiful and the total package on the outside. But i don't think she would ever bring much else to the table. I can't imagine her raising kids because she can't even spell basic words are used proper punctuation on the other hand. I've never had love and this good. What should i do. Should i try to make it work with a great woman who's amazing in bed or find a better woman. That has a little more going for herself. Your advice as much is most appreciate it. Well i mean haven't we all had a variation of this issue at some point in time. I mean to some degree. You know. we talk to our girlfriends. He puts it down in the bedroom. But hey he's got a tooth missing or i didn't. I don't like the way he dresses or he puts it down in the bedroom. He lives with his mama or he's too cheap or he's too short. Whatever it is. You know it's always something. Isn't it in this instant. You're with the woman who's beautiful the best body smooth glossy chocolate skin sexy voice the best loving you ever had. But she's not too bright. You're saying. I think the good news is you're young. You don't have to decide right now today whether or not to get married and have kids and all of that. You're young. I mean you know you guys could just enjoy each other. Have fun right now. You don't have to make that heart of a decision even though i know you're thinking of your future if you fall in love with her and can't live without her then you're going to have to discuss her education. You're going to have to discuss that. I mean you know. She may have a learning disability. You don't know you said she has trouble with left and right that may that's something simple that can be fixed. It might just discuss her education with her. If you fall in love and can't live without her nothing do twenty nine years. He's real damaged by. You ain't got to fix nobody to say education. He says she's simple mind. It's not no damn education. Twenty year old man three months ago. Dating this gorgeous roman law best body smooth chocolate skid sex voice best he ever. Hey if you know what i mean we know exactly what affectionate treats me well but she missed one important thing. Listen to this oh brain what what. The brain is missing. Boy listen to me. Oh i hate to say it. 'cause i like her a lot but she simple mind okay. Let's stop this simple. Okay careful what you want me station okay. I can't say what he's trying to say. You want me. Just keep saying simple. Mind is doll with say casey that auch. What was politically terrific now. 'cause i wanna use the word to sam wittig already.

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