How to Solved Your Paper Clutter Problem!


This is number two ninety nine and i am calling it. Are you guys ready for this. I solved my problem with an exclamation point at the end right. I mean like this is a big deal for me to be talking about paper and actually saying the words. I solved my problem. If you've been around a while you know what a big deal this says. Because i have been talking about decluttering cleaning organizing blah blah blah for twelve years now on the internet About six years into that. I read some books. Okay which are all about the decluttering process. I did not say a word about paper. I don't believe in the first book and then the publisher told me. I had to talk about paper in the second book and i was like fine and i basically answered it the way that i answer people which is okay. I had significantly reduced paper to where it was not this monster in my home anymore. Okay so i was not overwhelmed by paper. But i wanna talk about it because i didn't have a an amazing system. You know to keep it just completely solved. I had significantly reduced. And i'll talk through briefly. What those things are even. I've talked about him before the things that i recommend for the people who are just completely overwhelmed. And you need to hear how. I've solved it today but you also go okay. I my brain is gonna take while to jump from that place where i am right now. This place where. I am right now to that place in the future where it solved when i feel like there's just paper on every surface coming out of okay i get it okay. So i'm going to talk about that. Because i do think there's a lot of value in that simply just saying it's okay to reduce paper but i have. I mean i feel pretty confident saying i have solved my paper

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