Kyrie Irving’s Agents Saying Irving Would Retire if Nets Trade Him


Some nba now so very interesting water cooler. Talk to send your way. Nba by the way starting just over a month already. We're talking kyrie irving is. She continues to work his way back from ankle surgery. This off season nikki reported this last night. Had a lot of people talking there are a handful of kyri traits that potentially makes sense for the nets kyrie's representatives have made it known that cairo would simply retire from the nba. If brooklyn were to trade him wealth kyrie read. This kyrie responded to this with this right there. An image a puppet. Then you responded with this kyrie if you're saying you didn't say you retire viewer traded. Then you're beef is with. Your representation is not with me because you and i both know. That's what they've told people. Nick busy nights on the old twitter for you. Take us through all of this. I mean so the the tweets really dum summit up to for the most part the fact that matters this there were a handful of teams that contacted the nets and take the temperature on whether or not any of the big three particularly career irving were available. Everyone knew that durant not available in hardens. Almost assuredly not available but since they acquired harden and because the net you know have a surplus of scoring and a surplus of ballhandling. There's thought kyrie might be available. And those teams were not told untouchable. No reason to call us back. It's like calling golden state for step. It will never happened. They were led to believe. Well i mean you know. We'll be irresponsible not to listen but now there is nothing to listen to because and this i know for an utter certainty no matter what gifts kyrie sends to me on twitter. Kyrie's people fold anyone that would listen trade for a metro own peril. If he were ever to be traded from brooklyn he would simply retire.

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