20 Years After 9/11, Work of Identifying Remains Continues


Officials in New York or announcing they've identified the remains of two more victims of the September eleventh terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center just days before the twentieth anniversary of the devastating attacks that killed nearly three thousand people and jolted the nation the medical examiner's office says technicians using DNA were able to identify the remains of Dorothy Morgan of Hempstead New York she was a broker for marsh and McLennan officials also determined the identity of a man whose remains were recovered in separate fines in two thousand one two thousand two and two thousand six his family is asking the name be withheld it's the first time in two years new identifications have been made eleven hundred remains are still unidentified even though teams are still working to match DNA to fragments found chief medical examiner of New York Barbara Sampson says they pledge to do everything they can to make sure all those lost that day can be reunited with their families I'm Jackie Quinn

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