A highlight from Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #147: Rob & Akiva are Previously Hung

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Seven talking about hung robin. Akiva are hung. We are watching the previously on from all three seasons of. Hbo's hung here today to see if we can figure out what in the heck is going on on a prestige drama like hong. And now here is the man who is a prestige podcast. Her most of the three and a half podcast caves all that akiva wayne ago. Yeah i was just thinking like listen. I'm a fancy professional. Yup i know if like robin akiva hong can be the title of this episode. Now i don't know what you want to be. Well what if we just call previously on No i mean i mean i i will hit white. Yeah the first. Google hit when our grandchildren google us one day. Probably it'd be back the dog again there that that'll be the The popular search engine again like Rob is hong now. You think it'd be like meghan. Fox's kids you know what she's making machine gun kelly. Okay well let's let's workshop that the title for this episode we have twenty nine previously on s- that we are going to be taking a look at we have currently watched the previously on season one. And you're going to Discuss season one then watch our previously on for season two so a little bit like a three fast. Three furious a couple of weeks ago. We're gonna come back after each season so we going to talk about season one of hong here in just a few moments but akiva last week. Boy got a lot of feedback about keys. All that people loved it. Yes people like people just can't get enough of alison wray She's been everywhere this week at his trophies. Adam allah Yeah met gala was when francisco. Endore hit three home runs. that's right. that's honestly was these sort of social event Of in new york city last week. Yankee game was electric. Yeah yeah big subway. Savemore way more fun than the back. Gal yes i like. I wouldn't wanna be famous. Maybe but i would not want to be famous enough to be invited. There have to like where some sue orange

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