A highlight from Belonging, Influence, and Prosperity: Investing in Asian American Communities



Welcome two dollars and change. I'm katherine climbed by steam for social impact at the wharton school. I'm delighted today to be talking with song. Shah president of the asian american foundation recently lodged foundation and we'll be talking about their mission of why foundation when it hopes to achieve but first a little background about social is a leader who has been as play prominent roles in academia in government and the private of traffic sectors. She founded in led georgetown university's beck center for social impact and innovation. She was part of the obama white house where she was director of the white house office of social innovation and civic participation she was a member of google dot org where she headed initiatives focused on impacted besting and prior to that she was with goldman sachs so a series of terrific jobs. Important jobs and now this new important job. So congratulations on your appointment. banks Nothing it's such a pleasure to be joining you and you know it's been great that we've known each other over all these years and even watching how much warton social impact has grown. It's been amazing to see what you've done with it. So what a pleasure. Thank you so much back at you. It's amazing to see all that you have accomplished at your new launch at the head of the asian american foundation. You know. I'm struck as i've even some of the wording on your website new organization. I know how important it is mission right when tries is this. Is this statement statement different statements. I want to comment on some things that it says about what. This new foundation is setting out to achieve. And have you even just help us understand this mission so On your website mission is to serve the asian american pacific islander community in their pursuit of belonging and prosperity that is free from discrimination slander and violence. We were founded to solve the long-standing lack of investment and resources provided to asian asian-american Communities and we strive to be catalyzing force for creating permanent and irrevocable sense the twenty three million asian americans pacific islanders living in the united states. So lots even impact there but one of the things that striking to me is the words belonging very prominent here in This mission tell us about your mission. Why belonging yeah. It's such a. it's such a great place to start this conversation. Catherine i think You know when we first started the foundation the idea was really addressing. The anti hate sentiments against asian americans. Who when we start digging deeper. The bigger question is how are asian american pacific islander communities seen as american and that is really about belonging. How do we create a sense of belonging that no matter where your origins no matter where your family's might come from. We are all at the end of the day. American and we might participate in different ways and we might Have different backgrounds that we bring to it in heritage's that we bring to it but really we came to the united states for a sense of belonging And that's so important. So we want the belonging piece we want the prosperity peace but also recognizing that The hate pieces also. What's making us feel like. We're not part of the country and that people don't see us as american so i think that's why the depth of that conversation as so important and and as i've said before to my own colleagues i think the belonging is the most hopeful thing we will do because creating a multicultural country requires everybody feeling like they belong in the united states and that they're contributing to the growth of the united states from and do you think threats to the sense of belonging are greater than the sense of belonging has been significantly challenged and was quite different ten or fifteen years ago. Or is this a is this a long standing issue. That's only more prominent now. Were have there. Have there been significant threats to the sense of belonging recently or all of the above. Yeah i mean finishing american community.

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